Get Sweaty for Mission



Marathons, 5k runs and Tough Mudder events are back on the calendar again!

Over 600 people will be running through my tiny little town in Derbyshire next month and I’m giving out cups of water to folk as they run by – well, not just me, that would be mad – but I have a team with me from my church who will be ‘giving a cup of water to a stranger’ on what is always the most exciting day of the year in the life of my little town.

But my job’s relatively easy, isn’t it!? I’m just shouting out encouragement and not even breaking a sweat. I’m no runner but I think I can see what these crazy people get out of it when they cross the finishing line or crawl through mud – especially when there’s a sign on their back that says that they’re doing it for Cancer Research or Christian Aid or perhaps for a friend.

Personally, I’m a walker – I love nothing better than walking up and down hills and along riverbanks in my beloved Peak District here in Derbyshire. And yes, I’ve been able to combine two passions by doing those wonderful walks and, at the same time, raising funds for a children’s charity working in Kenya. I’ve even walked for Pioneers!

But what does this have to do with cross-cultural mission? Well, if you’ve ever had a friend who wanted to go to the mission field, then you’ll know how tricky it is to raise funds from amongst friends and family. It feels embarrassing at the very least and they might even wonder if they will ever make it out to that field hospital in Africa or that school in Asia. They need all the help and encouragement they can get. That’s where you come in…

If you’re one of those people who might get passed a drink on your run this year, why not run to help raise support for a friend or even to raise funds for the agency which is sending them?

Up for it?  Great!   I’ve listed below some links to calendars of runs or muddy events for you and me (well, only you, really) so you can combine your two passions – running and helping out a friend …or perhaps a lovely agency who sends mission workers 😉 ?!

“Whether you run, cycle, swim, climb or clamber… for the heat of the competition or fun with friends… Let’s Do This will help you find, book and share your next momentous experience.”

“Your gateway to thousands of inspiring, memorable and brilliantly sweaty experiences.”

And on behalf of your friend or agency, thank you! 😊


Photo by Igor Rodgrigues.