Set Your Inner Geek Free in Eastern Europe

Set Your Inner Geek Free in Eastern Europe

Central Asia | Europe
Business or Admin | IT
Long Term | Mid-Term
Muslim | Other | Unreligious

An invitation for software developers & professionals to invest in the peoples of Eastern Europe.

With experience in secure payment platforms, a Pioneers team member has established a software development company which currently employs twenty locals. An open door now exists for field workers to come work part-time in management roles, or in teaching Western culture to facilitate helpful client relationships (clients are currently predominantly located in Australia, the UK, and the US).

The founder longs to create a business culture with impact far beyond the daily grind of work hours. Many of the country’s young, talented IT professionals end up leaving home to work in the West. They have a hunger and a longing for more – more that can only be found in Jesus. Apart from investing in relationships with local co-workers, you could use this door to reach into universities, mobilise local believers, locate unreached people groups in the city, and trust God for a church planting movement.

City Snapshot: The second largest city in the country and a growing hub for tech companies, young professionals, and IT specialists. Nearly 1.5 million people, with half of the population under 20 years of age. Over seventeen national universities and many more technical and private universities. Considered a cultural centre, as it hosts numerous music and film festivals yearly and is home to theatres and art galleries, as well as numerous authors.

UPG Snapshot: While the country has a growing body of evangelicals, much of the population remains orthodox. There are 26 UPGS in the country, including Tatar, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Roma, and more.  Specifically in this city, there are over 8,000 Jews yet to know the hope of their Messiah.

Potential Roles to Fill

  • Client Account Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Teaching English language and culture, etc.

Useful Skill-sets 

  • Experience in start-ups
  • Team-builders
  • Culture & Language Professionals
  • Knowledge of the following: JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, ReactNative, and more.

Positions are paid, whether part-time or full-time, according to the cost of living for locals in the city. Foreigners may want / need to raise supplemental support.

Is this team a fit for you? Drop us a line to find out more!

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Pioneers has hundreds of cross-cultural mission opportunities available — far too many to list on our website. Get in touch with our mobilisation team to find an opportunity that’s right for you!


Photo by Markus Spiske.

Experience life with the Frozen Chosen in Central Asia

Central Asia
Business or Admin | Education | IT | Sport
Short Term

Experience life with the Frozen Chosen. Help short term in the mountains of Central Asia.

A team in a large country in Central Asia are in need of short-termers to help with the work in their city. The team run a non-profit English school and are also involved in work in local orphanages, occupational therapy and feeding the homeless in their city.

The team need short-termers to help out for up to 30 days visa free.  Anyone who has a certificate, degree, etc, would receive quicker approval from the government in regard to visas. Right now, because of government regulations, they cannot receive medical professionals. 

The team are interested in hosting short-termers who have skills in:

  • Teaching English
  • Starting a sports programme
  • Working with youth or adults
  • Office administration

They are also looking for those who would be willing to come and lead seminars in their area of expertise, especially, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Web design
  • Teaching ESL
  • Finance
  • How to start a Christian business

Are you interested in lending a hand to the work that’s already going on in Central Asia? To find out more about this opportunity and others like it, get in touch today!

The missionary will need to raise funds to join this ministry.

Reach Youth Using Sport in Mongolia

Central Asia
Long Term | Mid-Term

Use your love of sport to bring hope to young people in Mongolia.

Do you have coaching experience in football, basketball or volleyball? A long-established team in Mongolia is looking for additional coaching help for their growing gym ministry amongst Mongolian young people.  The summer in Mongolia is short, and the team have had a summer sports ministry for many years, but they have sensed the need to continue the programmes year-round, so have recently begun construction of a gym, which over time will include a meeting room, showers and toilets.

The culture of their city is rife with alcoholism and a general sense of hopelessness. Sports camps in the summer have typically combatted that lifestyle amongst the youth. However, they have seen the greatest change in their children’s friends — those Mongolian young people the family have long term relationships with. So the idea of the gym is meant to facilitate longer term, year round relationships, therefore fostering meaningful change.

The team are looking for experienced sports coaches who can help teach sports with excellence and who will engage with the young people in a meaningful way. The culture is hard, ministry is hard, and the weather is hard – very cold most of the year – but the right candidate will be willing to die to self and pour themselves out for Jesus.

If this sounds like you, please do get in touch! We’d love to share more details about the team’s vision and how you can get involved.

The candidate will need to raise personal funds to join this ministry.

NB: The opportunities listed on our website are only a small percentage of the available opportunities. To find out about more possibilities, please don’t hesitate to contact our mobilisation team.

Wrestling Coach Needed in Asia

Central Asia
Business or Admin | Community Development | Sport
Long Term | Mid-Term
Buddhist | Hindu | Tribal-Animist

Wrestling Coach Needed in Asia: Build relationships with the locals through teaching wrestling.

Use your love for wrestling and coaching as a way to build relationships to share the good news!

Join a Pioneers team in Mid-Asia that runs a wrestling programme as a Business as Mission (BAM) platform. Although some Russian, Turkish or Azeri language skill would be helpful, there is no requirement other than English. Applicants would need at least four years of college or university-level wrestling experience.

Partner in running the wrestling program and assist the Pioneers manager.
Possibly start another wrestling group in addition to the ones currently running.
Teach basic wrestling skills, as well as wrestling with participants.

If you have a love for the sport and a desire to work with adults and youth, this is an amazing opportunity! Use the skills God has given you to form friendships through wrestling – all with the goal of making Him known.

If you’re interested, get in touch to learn more.

If you’re interested in sports ministry but not necessarily wrestling then still get in touch as many of our teams use sports to minister and reach out.