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Drought and conflict have left 16 million people on the brink of starvation and in urgent need of food, water and medical treatment.

People are already dying in South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia. In Kenya, the government has declared a national emergency and Ethiopia is battling a new wave of drought following the strongest El Nino on record.

Women, children and older people are suffering the most; more than 800,000 children under five are severely malnourished. Without immediate treatment, they are at risk of starving to death.

“Right now, in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia…look as bad as Somalia in 2011. If you add South Sudan on top of that…and Nigeria, you have millions more. That’s creating this real concern that we are facing a major crisis that we have not seen before.”
(Gareth Owen, Humanitarian Director of Save the Children)

What can we do?
Pioneers UK have secured several channels to offer relief to the needy; more are opening up.

Ethiopia & Somalia: Working together with locals, our teams are providing food and water relief to drought effected villages in Somalia and Ethiopia.  Long-term follow-up will include restocking families with camels and goats which are the lifeblood of the community.

Nigeria: We are working with our long-term partners, the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) to distribute aid where it is most needed. COCIN is currently helping famine refugees in Maiduguri, Jos and some other locations.

N.b. donations will be collected and sent when the exchange rate and sending costs are most favourable. This will maximise your gift.