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There are still over 4,000 unreached people groups in the world who do not have access to the gospel. That’s nearly 2.9 billion people! Yet, at least one third of missionaries are still being sent to countries that have only 3.5% of the world’s non-Christians. Pioneers UK is working to change this.

What is the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF)?

The SPF allows us to accomplish our mission around the world by supporting our core functions, which include recruiting, training, sending and sustaining missionaries.

The SPF also supports special initiatives and campaigns as they emerge, such as security for our workers and relief efforts for disaster victims.

Without this crucial fund, Pioneers UK efforts to spread the name of Jesus among the unreached would be severely limited.

Why is supporting the SPF different?

Through the SPF, you can take part in the Lord’s harvest by supporting Pioneers UK’s missionary mobilisation efforts. These missionaries preach the name of Jesus in some of the most unreached places on earth.

Will you join us? You can give to the SPF right now, or learn how to become a Strategic Partner of Pioneers UK below.

How to become a Strategic Partner:
Everyone plays a unique role in the Great Commission. Some will go. Some will mobilise. Some will send and support. By making a recurring gift to the SPF, you will become a Strategic Partner of Pioneers UK.

As a Strategic Partner, you will receive a designated Pioneers UK representative who offers regular prayer and communication. You will also receive regular Pioneers UK updates and you’ll gain access to behind-the-scenes information on our current initiatives and activities.

If you would like to become a Strategic Partner, please set up a monthly gift using the Give Monthly button and we will be in touch with you! Or for more information, contact us.