Get Sponsored!

Support the work of Pioneers UK by getting sponsored to run, bake or get muddy! Go with your own idea (see our suggestions) or join an Action Challenge event.

Important: Please let us know if you’re planning to fundraise for us, so we can support your efforts and advise on any fundraising regulations.
Just send a simple email to Thank you!

Fundraising Ideas

Here’s a list of fundraising ideas to get you thinking about what you might do.

Double Your Money

Find out how to get an extra £1 for every £1 you raise.

Do It Yourself

Once you’ve got your idea, set up your own fundraising page on Wonderful.

Join an Action Challenge

Action Challenge take individuals or groups on outdoor challenge events & inspirational adventures. Invite friends and family to sponsor you.

Featured Fundraisers

Want to get involved in what's going on with Pioneers' community fundraisers? Here are some of our recent community fundraising activities.

Tips for Getting Sponsored 

Fundraising and getting sponsorship can seem a bit daunting if you’ve never done it before – and even if you’ve done it a lot! If you’re feeling a bit intimidated, whatever your level of experience, why not take a few tips we’ve found from fundraising experts around the UK?

A little goes a long way

Asking many people for a small donation will be more effective than asking a few for a lot, says one expert. “The current trend in income for charities is that many people are reducing the size of gift which they give to each request for sponsorship but are generally making more donations overall. Consider ways to capitalise on this. For example, asking management if your 1,000-employee office complex can have a dress-down Friday for £1 per person will raise considerably more than a pleading ‘email all’ round-robin.”

Stop the presses

Approach the local media to help spread your message. Local papers are often after human interest pieces, and local radio stations frequently want small fillers for breakfast shows. This doesn’t necessarily equate to more donations, but as another expert says: “You may well grab the attention of someone who can help or attract support you weren’t expecting.”

In the window

Don’t forget traditional resources, says Maureen Harrison, chief executive of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. “It’s amazing what people will stop and look at. Using community resources to advertise can be very valuable. Notice boards in supermarkets, retail outlets and leisure facilities can still grab people’s attention.”

Think outside the box

This is particularly useful advice if you’re already well-matched against your challenge. There’s no fun in sponsoring an outdoors-loving rock-climber to hike up a mountain. But if that rock-climber announces he’ll have his chest waxed before the event as long as a certain amount of money is raised, people are more likely to pay attention.

I can’t do it!

To get people really digging into their pockets, though. Push it even further and tackle something you genuinely can’t do, says a friend of mine. “ Honestly speaking, when I set about preparing for my gruelling 5km run, I was more concerned with whether I could cross the finish line in one piece than I was about raising money. And yet on race day my JustGiving page boasted a not-insignificant £1,250 – no raffles or begging emails involved”

I hate bananas!

“If there’s something you really hate or fear,” says Nina Roberts, from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, “Confront it and get sponsored in the process. For example, I really hate bananas, so if I ate 100 a day I know my friends and family would sponsor me to do it, just to see me squirm.”

Photos courtesy of Andrew Gook and Adam Sherez.