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Pioneers Heritage Walk

Join us over a series of 7 beautiful walks tracing the heritage of Pioneers UK from our days as Sudan United Mission in 1904 to our current home at Bawtry Hall.

Where are we walking?

Starting in the beautiful Peak District town of Castleton, where Sudan United Mission was first based in 1904 and finishing in Bawtry where we are now. We’ll be going through some wonderful countryside and past a few cafes on the way!

How far is it?

We’re following a set of 7 pleasant 5-10 mile linear walks which add up to over 40 miles. The great thing is, you can do one walk (stage) of your choice or do all 7 walks!  After each, we’ll shuttle you back to your car!

Very soon, we’ll be showing what each walk looks like and you can simply email us here to let us know you’re coming to join us!

Who’s doing it?

It’s for anyone who wants to join us – bring your family and friends.

But I hate walking!  Don’t worry, there’ll be refreshments and a support car when your legs have had enough.

When will it be?

The two big days will be

  • Walk 1 on Saturday 7th September when we will walk from Castleton to Hathersage (about 6 miles)
  • Walk 7 on Saturday 14th September when we will walk into Bawtry finishing at our present offices with yummy cakes and tea!

On the Monday to Friday in between, we’ll enjoy Walks 2-6 stopping of at some places significant to our heritage. There be beautiful places, urban places and places to relax and pray.

Why are We Doing It?

It’s a chance to celebrate our heritage and walk with friends old and new who have a connection with Pioneers UK, Action Partners or SUM. And it’s a chance to introduce friends to your favourite mission!

It’s also a great opportunity for all of us to help raise funds for our amazing Mission Mentor Team who help people just like you prepare to go to people around the world who’ve never heard how much God loves them.

Our raised funds will enable them to inspire churches and train new workers to go to serve God where he is calling them. They can’t do it without your support!

So Come and Join Us

If you’re thinking of joining us for any of the walks, please call Mark Cook on 07913-680872– we’d love to see you.  Or if you can’t join us, you may want to support us by making a small donation.

Cover photo by Park Troopers.