Featured Fundraisers

Want to get involved in what's going on with Pioneers' community fundraisers? Here are some of our recent community fundraising activities. Have you raised some funds for our work? Send us the story!

Pioneers Heritage Walk

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in to make our Heritage Walk a success! We managed to walk over 50 miles in 7 days, and we raised over £4000 for our fantastic mission mentors. This will help them significantly as they endeavour to train and send our Pioneers field workers to share the gospel with unreached peoples in all parts of the globe.

Enjoy a few photos from the walks…and make a plan now to join us next time!

Alex & Adam Run for Pioneers

A massive HOORAH for our grantwriter Alex and her husband Adam who took on the “joys” of the Belfast Half-Marathon in support of Pioneers UK. In the process of training for and running the half-marathon, Alex discovered that she’s not at all interested in long distance running. But nevermind, they still managed to raise over £800 for our mission mentor team!

Cover photo by Park Troopers.