Short Term


Pioneers UK offers two types of summer trip: bespoke trips created for pre-formed teams (church groups, uni friends etc.), and pre-planned trips for people looking for a team to join. Trips are typically 3-8 weeks.


Up To One Year

Our mid-term programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and experience necessary to see what God has next for them. One-year internships are available, as well as shorter, tailor-made terms of service.

Long Term

Over One Year

Long term church planting among the unreached is our speciality. We currently have 3000+ members serving on 324 teams, in 104 countries, working among more than 200 different unreached people groups.

All Opportunities

Explore a selection of our Short Term, Mid-Term and Long Term Opportunities.

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Calling all Extroverted Cheese-Makers!

Use your love of all things cheesy to bring the love of Jesus to North Africa.

One-Year Internship: Xplore Mission in the UK

As an intern, you would be encouraged to grow in your spiritual life, explore your missionary calling and gain practical experience in a wide range of ministry activities.

Launch into Ministry in the Balkans

Launch Teams in the Balkans are looking for new team members who are ready to explore what God has for them in the region.

Bookshop & Market Outreach Project in Northwest England 

Looking for teammates to help run a bookstall and market outreach project!

International Student Worker in Northwest England

A team in northwest England is looking for an international student worker at a nearby – and very diverse – university.

Choose Your Own Adventure: the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is full of opportunities for professionals who want to live out their faith cross-culturally.

Life Skills Mentor Needed for the Deaf

Help the deaf in Mexico learn the skills they need to succeed in life.

Bring the Gospel to Southeast Asia through Eco-Tourism

Do you want to make a home in a place that is rich with beauty both in landscape and in culture? Do you have a spirit of adventure? A passion for social and environmental justice? Are you motivated and eager to learn?

Help Run an Island Chocolate Farm

Be part of an agricultural business focussed on chocolate production and processing. 

Experience life with the Frozen Few in Central Asia

Experience life with the Frozen Chosen. Help short term in the mountains of Central Asia.

Join the Island Life Team in South East Asia

Bring your unique skills and gifts to share the good news on a remote island in South East Asia.

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