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Pioneers UK offers two types of summer trip: bespoke trips created for pre-formed teams (church groups, uni friends etc.), and pre-planned trips for people looking for a team to join. Trips are typically 3-8 weeks.


Up To One Year

Our mid-term programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and experience necessary to see what God has next for them. One-year internships are available, as well as shorter, tailor-made terms of service.

Long Term

Over One Year

Long term church planting among the unreached is our speciality. We currently have 3000+ members serving on 324 teams, in 104 countries, working among more than 200 different unreached people groups.

All Opportunities

Explore a selection of our Short Term, Mid-Term and Long Term Opportunities.

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One-Year Internship: Media Ministry to the Unreached

Use your media skills to help a dynamic media ministry reach out to the unreached in places where the gospel is hard to come by.

Surgeon Needed for Central African Hospital

Use your medical skills to bring the gospel to Central Africa.

One-Year Internship: Bring Your Passions to West Africa

A team in West Africa has a variety of needs: IT, Muslim outreach, AIDS prevention, conservation, and much more!

One-Year Internship: Bring Your Giftings to West Africa

Join a team where you can use whatever gifts and skills you have to reach the community.

Plough the Hard Ground in the Balkans

Join a team that needs someone to come and teach English.

Support the Local Church in Central Europe

Help local churches mature and develop across Central Europe.

Work With Widows and Orphans in Uganda

Come and join our team for the long term or the short term, teaching and supporting disadvantaged orphans, who need educational and health support, as well as spiritual mentoring.

Make A Difference in East Africa

A variety of skills is needed to spread the gospel in East Africa.

Reach Youth Using Sport in Mongolia

If you love youth and sports, come and join our church-planting team in Mongolia!

Teachers Needed in Indonesia

Come join a dynamic team of teachers serving at Hillcrest International School in Papua, Indonesia.

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