Long Term

Today Pioneers has more than 3,200 international missionaries, working in 324 missions teams, in 104 countries, among 202 unreached people groups, mobilised from 10 international missions bases.

Pioneers continues to seek those who have a ‘pioneering’ spirit to go as missionaries and live amongst those who have never heard. We are constantly looking for people who will join existing missions teams all over the world.

One-third of the world’s population lives out of the reach of any church. Sadly, only 3 out of every 100 missionaries goes to work in that 1/3!  Help us bring balance to this imbalance… let us help you to go and be one of the few to remember the Forgotten Peoples. Join us as we give attention to those peoples who can’t hear about Jesus rather than just those who don’t want to hear about Jesus.

New long term mission teams are forming every year, as there are still so many places that have not yet heard.  View our opportunities or contact us for a chat.