What if I don’t have a specific place in mind? Can I still apply if I like the values of Pioneers?

Yes, many people feel a general call to get involved in ministry without knowing the specifics.  Pioneers has found that this is often normal.  Approaching missions with an open hand and an open heart allows for a more adaptive journey of preparation.  Pioneers wants to see a humbleness and teachability in those going out.  Having over 300 ministry teams in 104 countries, Pioneers offers many different options for cross-cultural ministry.  Pioneers has people applying without knowing their final destination… they have a similar passion and trust that God will work that out!

How does funding work?

Each missionary that goes out with Pioneers raises their own financial support to fund the ministry and their own prayer support to fuel the work.  Your budget is built by the team you will end up joining and is based on your life situation.  Donations that are received by Pioneers for your ministry are held in individual accounts and not pooled.

Is there anything I can do right now to begin the process of getting into missions?

Pioneers values the role of the sending church.  A great first step is to share your heart and openness for cross-cultural ministry to your church leader.  Look for podcasts and missional books…some are listed on our Resources page.

How will Pioneers train me for the mission field?

Pioneers will guide you through the journey of getting ready to go to the field.  Though no one is ever 100% ready, many important steps should be taken in the months before you go.  Pioneers likes to outsource as much of the essential training as possible to trusted ministry partners.  Some training in Pioneers-specific aspects will be conducted directly by the Pioneers office staff.