Pioneers’ mid-term mission programme is designed for those who already have some short term mission experience but who are not quite ready to commit their lives to long term service. It’s also perfect for those looking to go on a gap year or medical elective. If this sounds like you, then keep reading!

Mid-term missions come in many shapes and sizes. Our speciality is in one-year mission internships. Use your skills, interests, and giftings to serve alongside an existing long term field team for a year. In the process you’ll get language training, church planting training, and dedicated mentoring from our long term mission workers. We have internship opportunities all over the world, so check out our opportunities page.

Don’t have a full year to spare just yet? That’s ok! While we believe that a year of service is ideal for finding out whether or not long term mission is for you, we also recognise that you may not be in a position to go for that long. We’re happy help you find a place to serve for anywhere between 4 and 12 months on a field team where you can use your skills to help with church planting among the world’s least reached peoples.


Because so many great mission agencies cater to shorter term service opportunities, we love to point people who are looking for shorter mission trips to them. However, we do make an exception for medical electives. Get in touch if you have a medical elective coming up, because we have some great medical mission opportunities waiting for you!

The benefits of a year or two in mission are endless. They allow you to…

  • Build on your short term experience and begin to see what long term mission is really like.
  • Explore mission in more depth and involve your church leaders in your vision for the long term.
  • Build a support base, to raise prayer support, and to engage your friends, family and local church in your journey towards mission.
  • Immerse yourself in the mission field, to really begin to learn the language and integrate into the culture, and as a result, begin to craft a plan to build relationships and effectively meet the needs of the local people.

Does that make your heart leap? Pioneers longs to release your creativity, unlock your vision, your hopes and your dreams for mission, and endeavour to see them turned into reality.

Reaching the world’s remaining unreached peoples requires people like you, your unique calling, gifting and vision.  Are you willing to invest your time and energy in reaching the unreached?