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Offset Your Flights

with a Pioneers Field Team


You care about God's creation and the disproportionate effects of climate change on the world's most poor and vulnerable - so why not offset your flights and fund church planting among UPGs at the same time?

Kakuma, Northern Kenya

In the last 30 years, because of the changing climate and other factors, native trees and grasses in Kakuma, northern Kenya have disappeared, leaving the land prone to devastating floods and rendering it unusable. Pioneers team leader John Eyanae and the Kakuma team have decided to change that, and to use the restoration of the land as a church planting strategy. This is innovation and flexibility on a grand scale and, by offsetting your flights, you can help restore both the land and the people who live on it.

How Does Offsetting Work?


Think about it like this: a flight from London to Bangkok and back again produces 3 tons of CO2. It will take 120 trees one year to absorb 3 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. The Kakuma Team can plant 120 trees for £84.00. So in about a year, your £84.00 will have effectively balanced your personal scale. That's offsetting.*

Unfortunately, the number of existing trees and plants are no match for the amount of CO2 we produce through flying and other activities. Giving money to initiatives like the one in Kakuma, called 'offsetting', re-balances the scales. The more trees they plant, the more CO2 will be absorbed from the atmosphere.

* The science is much more complicated than this, but you get the gist. Figures are approximate and fluctuate with exchange rates.

How do I get started?

Step One: Calculate


We're working on getting a custom calculator for this page. Until then, you can calculate the carbon footprint of your flights by using the calculator from our friends Climate Stewards. Simply click the button, calculate your footprint, then pop back here for the next steps.

Step Two: Convert


The Climate Stewards calculator and the Pioneers donation module below both deal in British Pounds. If you want to know how much the offsetting will cost in your own currency, you can use a currency converter by clicking below. This step is purely for your own information and won't effect your donation.

Step Three: Donate

Please use the form below to make your donation. To donate by bank transfer or cheque, please email us at [email protected].
(Note: Your bank may charge a small international transaction fee if your bank is not in the UK.)

Step Four: Learn More

Kakuma Tree Nursery, Northern Kenya