One-Year Internship: Bring Your Passions to West Africa

One-Year Internship: Bring Your Passions to West Africa

West Africa
Agriculture | Education | Health | Social Issues | Community Development
Muslim | Tribal-Animist

Bring your skills and passions to a team in West Africa.

What is the vision for the one-year internship?

  • Join the existing field team to engage the local community through involvement in one or more mission initiatives.
  • Gain practical mission training with an experienced field team.
  • Learn language and culture while serving the community.
  • Receive mentoring from a more mature member of the field team.

What are the basic qualifications?

  • You must be at least 18 years old and available to spend at least six months on the field.
  • The preferred time of service is from September to August, but other timeframes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The team are looking for: someone with IT experience to help at the local theological college; someone with experience and/or interest in moving Christians on from negative attitudes to Muslims induced by their experience of aggression to reaching Muslims in the love the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts as part of a dedicated [Muslim] outreach organisation; people interested in helping with a well-established ministry focused on spreading the Gospel in partially evangelised churches through addressing HIV/AIDS and issues of social righteousness – a particular need is for someone to help set up ‘salt networks’ within different walks of life to link people determined to defy social norms at whatever cost by living righteously in their work environments, thereby commending the Gospel of Christ; people interested/experienced in conservation, aquaculture or agriculture to help with a conservation nonprofit associated with the team; medical students and nurses.

Who will the intern be working with?

The field team is currently made up of a couple who have been in the country for over 25 years, as well as their local partners.

What ministry activities will the intern be involved in?

We use the gospel to bring together several areas of Nigerian life. We work with a local theological college to train pastors and leaders for church and ministry. We have started Grace and Light ministry to get the gospel into the church with the aim of helping Christians live transformed lives and having impact in society and the nation. We run Love Language ministry (part of New Life for All), which is focussed on putting love at the centre of Christian living, especially in relating to Muslims in the challenging circumstances in our country today. Finally, Eden Creation Care Initiative is part of the A Rocha family of Christian conservation organisations, and is putting creation care on the map in our country.

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Photo by ZMcCune (WMF) / CC BY-SA