One-Year Internship: Xplore Mission in the UK

One-Year Internship: Xplore Mission in the UK

Outreach | Church Planting

Want to test the waters? Don’t know where to begin?

Come serve as an intern in the UK!

Xplore is an opportunity to join with one of the Pioneers field teams in the UK, whose vision is to see the gospel shared with international students in the UK.

As an intern, you would be encouraged to grow in your spiritual life, explore your missionary calling and gain practical experience in a wide range of ministry activities. The internship will be tailored around your gifts, abilities, passions and growth needs. It typically runs for 12 months, starting in September, but dates are flexible.

Opportunities would include:

  • Growing in knowledge of the Word and mission topics
  • Reaching internationals with the gospel
  • Proclaiming Biblical truth through Discovery Bible Studies
  • Helping to run English conversation classes
  • Building friendships through hospitality, socials, day trips
  • Discipling seekers and new believers
  • Encouraging British believers into mission and supporting them in their outreach to internationals
  • A cross-cultural trip abroad

Don’t Hold Back – Come and Xplore!

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Xplore “was a really great opportunity for me to dedicate part of life solely to serving the Lord… and in such a fantastic and fun way! I got to meet so many wonderful people and share the gospel more times than I ever had done previously. It helped me to clarify what I wanted to do with my life and helped me to recognise and learn to use the gifts God has given me. It was a really varied experience which gave me a good feel for all the different aspects of missionary life – from the challenges to the incredibly joyful moments.”