Build Relationships in the Holy Land

Build Relationships in the Holy Land

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Help Families in the  West Bank.    Work with local citizens and charities to provide modern day necessities to impoverished communities. Bring long term change to families through education, economic development, humanitarian aid and the love of Christ.

There are so many ways to get involved with teams in the  West Bank ! Here are just a few ideas:

Humanitarian Aid: In partnership with other non-profit organizations, the team provides basic necessities and life-sustaining services to the poor, including food distribution, primary medical care and wheelchair distribution.

Economic Development: In alliance with local governments and existing businesses, the team helps facilitate secure jobs and income stability through job creating, micro-loans and business start-ups. Agriculture projects are also a possible means of involvement.

Educational Opportunities: By providing English education, child care, adolescent development programs and adult education within a loving and nurturing environment, you can help prepare young people for successful entrance into adulthood and adults with more work opportunities.

The biggest current need is for teachers and teacher’s aides.  The team has 100+ 3 to 5 year olds who they are teaching English. The team will pair you up with locals who are paid teachers. You will get to see to the needs of the classroom and assist the teacher, all while learning Arabic and developing relationships. When school is over, visit the children’s homes and further develop and maintain relationships! The students do VERY well and the parents love this because they have confidence in the team’s school and teaching! There is also a need for English teachers with at least a bachelor’s degree in English for adults. Minimum commitment of one year. Familiarity with Islam, Middle Eastern culture and/or Arabic preferred.