Sumbi Team

Sumbi Team

Southeast Asia
Agriculture | Business or Admin | Community Development
Short Term
Hindu | Muslim

Dates: 1 June – 13 July
Cost: £2,100 + Flights

This trip will give you a wide variety of experiences. You’ll live in a creative access country and see how teams are using both a non-profit organization and also a business to gain access to four unreached people groups.

During the first part of your journey, you’ll be able to experience language learning and working with a non-profit organization focused on water projects and help for people with disabilities.

The second part and the bulk of your journey will take you to a beautiful remote island where farming and mining are the largest industries. Many people here drive cars, but horse drawn carriages are still a viable and frequently used mode of transportation. Most homes have televisions, but our roads are often congested by water buffalo, horses, goats, or cows. Just about everyone has a cell phone and a Facebook account, but the electricity routinely goes off throughout the day. The religious ceremonies here usually include both an Islamic leader and a witch-doctor. This is an island of contrasts!

On this part of the trip, you’ll have the opportunity to live with the locals, experience what their lives are like, and enjoy a variety of adventure activities like: surfing, spearfishing, rock climbing, and caving. You’ll also learn the long term approach we are using to share the good news and have opportunities to use what you learn everyday.

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Field Activities

(subject to change)

  • Learn some conversational language and be using it right away
  • Experience front-line ministry in an Islamic and Hindu environment
  • Join a non-profit organization who serves the community through water projects and aid for those with disabilities
  • Participate in an adventure tour which will get you into villages and have you surfing, climbing, trekking, and caving
  • Learn the long term strategies for sharing and implement what you learn every day
  • Establish relationships with the people and pray for them

The missionary will need to raise funds to join this ministry

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