Summer Trip: Asia Highlands Team

Summer Trip: Asia Highlands Team

Central Asia
Education | Outreach | Sport
Short Term

Be part of a revival among a previously resistant mountain population.

In a vast highland area of high mountains and fast rivers to the west of our city live unreached minority people who have historically been among those most resistant to the gospel. They live their lives enslaved to fear of mountain gods, river gods and rebirth as a lower form of life because of their bad karma. After many years of outreach to these people, there are only a few believers scattered across the whole highland area.

During the winter holiday of 2016 a national evangelist who was living in the highlands sent four groups of high school students to our city for two-week English camps. During those four sessions, more than 15 students believed the gospel and were baptised! This was an unprecedented occurrence among these highly resistant people. Another English camp was held in the summer of 2016 and another nine students believed and were baptised!

Winter and summer English camps for students have continued since then, and students continue to believe. Those who have believed often return to camps for discipleship training to deepen and strengthen their faith. We are believing God to raise up these students as future leaders of churches among their people.

We  invite you to come and participate in what God is doing among the students of this resistant minority culture while this door remains open. We’re looking for teachable, humble learners to come and go all out with us for a summer. You can expect to be stretched, challenged, uncomfortable, mentored, shepherded, held accountable, loved, and included in the life of our team. Our prayer is that in the process you will come to know and love Jesus even more and grow in awareness of what he is calling you to do with your life. Are you willing to come and share the gospel through stories with students who have never heard the story before?

If you want to know more, get in touch with us today!

Field Activities (subject to change)

  • Language and culture study
  • Assist and lead classes for children and youth
  • Prayer walking and intercession
  • Outreaches in remote villages
  • Teaching and assisting an English camp
  • Sports ministry
  • Music ministry
  • Home visits


What will my team be like?

This trip is a joint trip between the US and UK Pioneers bases. You will join up with a group of American young people (aged 18-28). The field team is prepared to accept up to 8 people total.

When will this trip happen?

The dates are somewhat flexible. As you will be joining up with the US team, you can choose to go for some or all of their time, subject to your availability. The US trip is 30 May – 16 August. The field team are open to UK team members arriving late and staying on for a time after the US team members have left, so please do get in touch even if these specific dates are not ideal.

How much does the trip cost?

The cost of the trip is TBD. Please check back later for more information.

*Destination is subject to visa approval through this country’s embassy.