Summer Trip: Foodie Team

Summer Trip: Foodie Team

Southeast Asia
Short Term
Buddhist | Hindu | Muslim | Tribal-Animist

What would your 2022 mission trip look like?

This city is a blend of unreached peoples, languages and beliefs impacting all parts of life. In a single Southeast Asian neighbourhood, you will often hear bells from the Hindu temple, smell incense from Buddhist and Taoist worshipers, and hear the Muslim call to prayer.

This location is a beautiful, equatorial tropical island. You will be in the suburbs, with both a large outdoor market and a large superstore less than ten minutes away. You will be a 45-minute flight from the capital. The island has an international airport along with several malls and other modern conveniences.

Yet, below the surface are many complexities. Followers of the world’s three largest non-Christian religions live on top of each other and coexist in everyday life. There is a wide array of social classes as well, ranging from:

  • Migrant workers from nearby countries
  • Local Muslims who speak little to no English
  • Hindus who speak mostly the local language and also English
  • Very wealthy East Asian Buddhist business people and property owners

There is a lot of seafood here. The climate is hot and humid year-round (33 degrees Celsius every day) and rain is often on the forecast.

And here’s a bonus: This island is considered one of the top-ten foodie destinations in the world!

2022 Edge Trip Activities

* Subject to change
  • Prayer walking. This is a regular part of the long-term team’s weekly routine. You will prayer walk different parts of the city at least two or three times a week.
  • Going out 2×2. You will learn the way that Jesus sent out His disciples in Luke 9-10 and Matthew 10 and then go out to practice these things several times a week.
  • Disciple-making training. The team will walk through the biblical principles of disciple-making and put them into practice together.

To find out more about the Foodie Team summer trip or any of our other summer trips, get in touch with Pioneers UK’s mission mentors at or ring them on 01302 710 750.