Summer Trip: Fukuoka Team

Summer Trip: Fukuoka Team

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Short Term

Make Connections in Fukuoka, Japan

Japan. Famous for technology and anime. You may notice its presence on world news, but have you ever thought about taking a missions trip there? Do they even need missionaries?

One of the most fascinating cultures in the world with thousand-year-old rituals as the backdrop for the flashing lights of one of the wealthiest, technologically advanced nations in the world. Japan. 127 million people. 99.5% lost without Christ and hope. Suicide rates, one of the highest. For years, many mission organisations didn’t recognise Japan as one of the least reached people groups in the world. Now that has changed. With the world-shaking triple disaster of 2011, God’s people throughout the world have been praying for the Japanese and the Lord of the Harvest is sending out labourers to Japan. In 2009 our missionary team landed in Fukuoka prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu (13 million) led by a vision for the multiplication of God’s church and church-planting teams throughout this region where the workers are especially few.

Past short term teams have helped us make connections with the youth of Fukuoka City. This year we are advancing into Kurume City coming alongside Japanese churches and pastors with several outreach initiatives. This next summer, we want you to know God’s heart for many Japanese to become worshipers and followers of His Son. The small, declining church in southern Japan is growing old and we want you to join God in connecting the youth of the Kurume area with Christ and His church. Confused by tradition, conformity and broken homes, the young generation are questioning the purpose of their lives and a large percentage say that if they would choose a religion they would choose Christianity. Come help us reach them so that by God’s Spirit we can see a new generation of Christians rise up to take the lead in a tsunami-like movement of the gospel that will forever transform this nation.

If you’re interested in joining this dynamic trip to Japan, get in touch today!

Field Activities

  • Language and culture study
  • Assist and lead English classes for kids and adults
  • Meet new students on a local university campus
  • Gain a prayerful heart as you observe Japanese churches and the difficulties they face
  • Prayer walking and intercession
  • Homestays with local families
  • Learn what it’s like to be a missionary in Japan


What will my team be like?

This trip is a joint trip between the US and UK Pioneers bases. You will join up with a group of American young people (aged 18-28) in Japan. The field team is prepared to accept up to 5 people total.

When will this trip happen?

The dates are somewhat flexible. As you will be joining up with the US team, you can choose to go for some or all of their time, subject to your availability. The US trip is 30 May – 2 August. The field team has requested that all short term people finish the trip at the same time, but they are open to UK people arriving later than US people.

How much does the trip cost?

The cost of the trip is TBD. Please check back later for more information.

*Destination is subject to visa approval through Japan’s embassy.