Summer Trip: Sumbi Team

Summer Trip: Sumbi Team

Southeast Asia
Business or Admin | Outreach | Sport
Short Term

Gain access to remote villages through adventure tourism.

Our team is using business to help initiate a church-planting movement amongst unreached peoples in Southeast Asia. Our vision is to see indigenously led house churches and Bible studies spring up across the region so that people can come and learn about Jesus and hear His teachings for the very first time.

Our business is a tourism company which allows us to bring in short term mission teams to engage in local activities (i.e. surfing, spear fishing, rock climbing etc..) and live with local families. This business gives us an incredible amount of access to families and villages we would otherwise not have access to. By coming this summer you will provide credibility to our long term identity as you’ll come as tourists/guests of our business. You will partner closely with our long term church planters, live with and interact with Muslim families, and introduce your new friends to Jesus for the first time!  This relationship building is imperative to break down stereotypes and help Muslims understand what following Jesus really means. It’s with these families and villages where we hope to plant house churches.

The Sumbi Team trip will be broken into two parts.

Part 1

Language learning and working alongside a non-profit organisation focused on clean water projects and help for people with disabilities.

Part 2

The second part of your journey will take you to a beautiful remote island where farming and mining are the largest industries. Many people here drive cars, but horse drawn carriages are still a viable and frequently used mode of transportation. Here, you will stay with local families and get immersed in the culture, engage in adventure activities, and learn the long term approach we are using to share the good news and make disciples. Our goal is that you will come back to the UK with a new understanding of the Muslim world, be well trained on how to be church planters, and be able to confidently start spiritual conversations and share Jesus.

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Field Activities (subject to change)

  • Language and culture study
  • Relational evangelism
  • Home stays with unreached Muslim families
  • Living incarnationally with unbelievers
  • Participate in an adventure tour that will provide access into villages: surfing, climbing, trekking, and caving
  • Prayer walking and intercession


What will my team be like?

This trip is a joint trip between the US and UK Pioneers bases. You will join up with a group of American young people (aged 18-28). The field team is prepared to accept up to 8 people total.

When will this trip happen?

The dates are somewhat flexible. As you will be joining up with the US team, you can choose to go for some or all of their time, subject to your availability. The US trip is 30 May – 19 July. The field team are open to UK team members arriving by 19 June and staying on for two weeks after the US team members have left, so please do get in touch even if these specific dates are not ideal.

How much does the trip cost?

The cost of the trip is TBD. Please check back later for more information.

*Destination is subject to visa approval through this country’s embassy.