Summer Trip: Urban Team

Summer Trip: Urban Team

Central Asia
Short Term
Muslim | Other

What would your 2022 mission trip look like?

Come be a part of the Urban Team doing life alongside long-term workers in Central Asia. Experience intentional discipleship and mentoring and learn what it’s like to live cross-culturally. Your time will be partially devoted to shadowing the workers here in areas of fitness, education, agricultural investments business, and learning how to thrive on the field.

You can also expect to join in with everyday life activities such as learning language, day-to-day living, shopping, cultivating new and old relationships, intentionally discerning the Spirit’s leading in ministry opportunities, navigating team life, local fellowship involvement, developing healthy personal rhythms on the field and more!

Get a realistic outlook of what it looks like to do life with other long-term workers and the unreached in a spiritually dark area. Come away with not only a practical perspective and tools to live life on the field, but use the experience in discerning God’s next step for your life.‍

2022 Edge Trip Activities

* Subject to change
  • Learning language
  • Orientation to the city
  • Exploring business options (hiking, mountain biking, etc.)
  • Team meetings
  • Learning the history of the country
  • Praying and meeting people
  • Physical training (doesn’t matter what level)
  • Sightseeing (the mountains are phenomenal!)
  • English opportunities

To find out more about the Urban Team summer trip or any of our other summer trips, get in touch with Pioneers UK’s mission mentors at or ring them on 01302 710 750.