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Jesus said that His disciples were to be witnesses from Jerusalem to the remotest part of the earth. What does that mean for you and your church? What if your church has been uniquely designed for a powerful global role that can also energise, empower, and fulfil your congregation? We are convinced that God is using and will use His Church to reach the world and to disciple, encourage, support, direct, and care for generations of Christian workers worldwide.

None of us can do this alone. The church, missionary, and mission agency each bring a unique, God-given design, perspective, and set of strengths to world evangelism—resources that will only be maximised as we intentionally work together. We want to explore ways Pioneers can help your local church fulfil its calling and dreams for global outreach.


Talk to the Church Partnership Team

We can’t thank you enough for your partnership or consideration of partnership with Pioneers. The Church Partnership Team was formed to serve as your point of personal connection to Pioneers. Members of our team would love to hear from you and come alongside you.

To learn more and to find the Church Partnership Team member who serves your region please contact Jeremy.

Church Partnership Coordinator
Tel: 01302 710 750 ext. 690
A former nurse for people with learning disabilities, Jeremy joined Pioneers UK as a mobiliser in March 2014. Based in Sheffield, he works part time, his other job being a 'House King'! In 2009 he went to Kenya and Papua New Guinea with his wife, Leigh, and their four children as short term missionaries, after which he took a master's degree in Mission and Evangelism at Cliff College in Derbyshire.

As Church Partnership Team Coordinator, Jeremy seeks to forge new relationships with UK churches and nurtures the relationships we already have with our missionaries' sending churches.

He has a burden for prayer, to seek to know God's heart, and is passionate about every follower of Jesus responding to the call to get involved in God's mission to build His Kingdom throughout the world.

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