Called to North Africa? We’ve got a place for you!

Called to North Africa? We’ve got a place for you!

North Africa & Middle East
Art & Media | Business or Admin | Education | IT | Launch Teams | Church Planting
Long Term | Mid-Term | Short Term
Muslim | Other | Tribal-Animist

Join one of several teams in a large North African city.

Multiple teams in a large North African city are opening their doors to people with several skillsets to help make disciples and plant churches all over the region. They are looking for:

  • web developers
  • medical professionals
  • digital and social media marketers
  • app developers
  • videographers
  • video editors
  • photographers
  • writers
  • experienced English teachers (with TOEFL certification)
  • business innovators and entrepreneurs
  • children’s workers (single people only, please)
  • university students
  • refugee workers

All new candidates would need to start their ministry on the Equipping Team, where they will learn the language and culture of the area. Those who already speak the majority language would be able to join a team immediately rather than starting with the Equipping Team. All team members are also involved in discipleship and church planting activities. Additionally, anyone wishing to join one of the teams must be willing and able to adapt to living in a very urban environment.  Positions are available on a long-term, mid-term and short-term basis.

To find out more about these teams, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our mission mentors.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Pioneers has hundreds of cross-cultural mission opportunities available – far too many to list on our website. Get in touch with our mission mentors to find an opportunity that’s right for you!

The missionary will need to raise funds to join this ministry.

Photo by Hanson Lu.

Set Your Inner Geek Free in Eastern Europe

Central Asia | Europe
Business or Admin | IT
Long Term | Mid-Term
Muslim | Other | Unreligious

An invitation for software developers & professionals to invest in the peoples of Eastern Europe.

With experience in secure payment platforms, a Pioneers team member has established a software development company which currently employs twenty locals. An open door now exists for field workers to come work part-time in management roles, or in teaching Western culture to facilitate helpful client relationships (clients are currently predominantly located in Australia, the UK, and the US).

The founder longs to create a business culture with impact far beyond the daily grind of work hours. Many of the country’s young, talented IT professionals end up leaving home to work in the West. They have a hunger and a longing for more – more that can only be found in Jesus. Apart from investing in relationships with local co-workers, you could use this door to reach into universities, mobilise local believers, locate unreached people groups in the city, and trust God for a church planting movement.

City Snapshot: The second largest city in the country and a growing hub for tech companies, young professionals, and IT specialists. Nearly 1.5 million people, with half of the population under 20 years of age. Over seventeen national universities and many more technical and private universities. Considered a cultural centre, as it hosts numerous music and film festivals yearly and is home to theatres and art galleries, as well as numerous authors.

UPG Snapshot: While the country has a growing body of evangelicals, much of the population remains orthodox. There are 26 UPGS in the country, including Tatar, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Roma, and more.  Specifically in this city, there are over 8,000 Jews yet to know the hope of their Messiah.

Potential Roles to Fill

  • Client Account Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Teaching English language and culture, etc.

Useful Skill-sets 

  • Experience in start-ups
  • Team-builders
  • Culture & Language Professionals
  • Knowledge of the following: JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, ReactNative, and more.

Positions are paid, whether part-time or full-time, according to the cost of living for locals in the city. Foreigners may want / need to raise supplemental support.

Is this team a fit for you? Drop us a line to find out more!

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Pioneers has hundreds of cross-cultural mission opportunities available — far too many to list on our website. Get in touch with our mobilisation team to find an opportunity that’s right for you!


Photo by Markus Spiske.

Launch into Ministry in the Balkans

Art & Media | Business or Admin | Education | IT | Health | Launch Teams | Social Issues | Outreach | Sport | Church Planting
Long Term
Muslim | Catholic

Launch Teams in the Balkans are looking for new team members who are ready to explore what God has for them in the region.

Many areas are moving to the Launch Team model of welcoming new field workers to the field. Launch Team members will spend two years learning the local language and culture while exploring ministry opportunities in the area. The hope is that teams would form within the Launch Team who would then be sent together to start new ministries in other parts of the region. During the two Launch years, Launch Team members will be fully engaged in ministry activities as well as studying language and culture.

The team’s purpose statement is: Our team exists to catalyse multiplication at all levels of disciple-making and church planting activities, and to do this in cooperation with local churches. Along the way we want to raise the standard of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, while simplifying what it means to be a church. We also seek to simplify the process of being a disciple by equipping everyone with simple, reproducible skills and methods that can be easily learned and taught to others, believing that 2 Timothy 2:2 holds some clues for multiplication of disciples and leaders.

The team welcomes people with any skills or gifting, but particular opportunities in the area currently include:

  • teaching english (or another foreign language)
  • inter-religious dialogue
  • journalism
  • performing arts (music, dance)
  • sports
  • advocating for life through a local pro-life project
  • peace and reconciliation activities
  • working with youth in local churches
  • IT
  • medical

For more information on team strategy and requirements, get in touch with one of our mobilisers. We’d love to hear from you!

The missionary will need to raise funds to join this ministry.

Choose Your Own Adventure: the Arabian Peninsula

North Africa & Middle East
Business or Admin | Education | Engineering | IT | Health | Community Development | Sport
Long Term

The Arabian Peninsula (AP) is full of opportunities for professionals who want to live out their Christian faith cross-culturally. 

The AP is a very expensive place to live and most countries place a high value on professional contribution, so anyone who is prepared to work a normal 40-hour work week on top of personal and team-based ministry time is an ideal fit for the region.

Possible job opportunities include:

  • Medical
  • Humanitarian aid / refugee work
  • Consulting
  • Business / entrepreneurship
  • Teaching / higher education
  • Sports coach
  • Marketing

It is advised that anyone seeking employment in the AP begin to learn Arabic before arrival. Although learning a language by immersion (in-country) is generally preferable, it is unlikely that a person would be able to balance full time language learning with full time employment, so a basic knowledge of Arabic would be beneficial.

Our mobilisation team would love to chat more with you about the possibilities, so if you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch!

Get Creative in North Africa

North Africa & Middle East
Agriculture | Art & Media | Business or Admin | Education | IT | Health | Community Development
Long Term

Several teams in North Africa are looking for energetic, adventurous people to join them.

After more than a century of faithful work in the region, there are now believing groups in every major city. Praise God! But with a total of less than 5000 active Christians, there is so much still to do! Many towns of 100,000 have no known Christian and no workers. Our challenge is to go beyond the major cities and make the Good News of Jesus available to all.

Long term, it is not difficult to set up in business, there are widespread needs for rural and health development, there are opportunities to offer healthcare (though not to practice hands-on medicine) and there is always a need for teachers.

Other opportunities/needs include:

  • IT Consulting
  • Teaching art or music
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Tourism services
  • Agriculture
  • Martial Arts

Team members must be willing to learn at least two languages. You must also be willing to spend much of your time building relationships and spending time with local people. Having professional skills and experience as well as the ability to work autonomously is also a plus. There are currently six teams in the area, so there’s a lot of opportunity to find one that fits you and your gifts.

If you’re interested in knowing more, get in touch with our mobilisers today!

The missionary will need to raise funds to join this ministry.

Experience life with the Frozen Few in Central Asia

Central Asia
Business or Admin | Education | IT | Sport

Experience life with the Frozen Few. Help short term in the mountains of Central Asia.

A team in a large country in Central Asia are in need of short-termers to help with the work in their city. The team run a non-profit English school and are also involved in work in local orphanages, occupational therapy and feeding the homeless in their city.

The team need short-termers to help out for up to 30 days visa free.  Anyone who has a certificate, degree, etc, would receive quicker approval from the government in regard to visas. Right now, because of government regulations, they cannot receive medical professionals. 

The team are interested in hosting short-termers who have skills in:

  • Teaching English
  • Starting a sports programme
  • Working with youth or adults
  • Office administration

They are also looking for those who would be willing to come and lead seminars in their area of expertise, especially, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Web design
  • Teaching ESL
  • Finance
  • How to start a Christian business

Are you interested in lending a hand to the work that’s already going on in Central Asia? To find out more about this opportunity and others like it, get in touch today!

The missionary will need to raise funds to join this ministry.

Central Asia
Business or Admin | Education | IT | Sport

One-Year Internship: Business as Mission in South Asia

South Asia
Art & Media | Business or Admin | IT

Use your business skills to reach the lost in South Asia.

We are a business team with the vision to see reproducing house churches established in the Muslim communities of our city. We have identified business as an excellent way to gain access into these closed communities and bless them on a multitude of levels. Our ultimate goal is to see transformed lives and communities.

What is the vision for the one-year internship?

  • Join the existing field team to engage the local community in relationships through a handicraft export business.
  • Gain practical church planting training and Business as Mission (BAM) training with an experienced field team.
  • Learn language and culture while serving the community.
  • Be mentored by a more mature member of the field team.

What are the basic qualifications?

  • You must be at least 21 years old and available to spend at least six months on the field.
  • Because of both cultural issues and the makeup of the existing team, single men will be ideal for this role. However, single women are also welcome, providing they are willing to split their time between helping care for children and helping with the business. Couples are also encouraged to apply.
  • The preferred time of service is from August to July, but other timeframes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The team are looking for people who have experience in product design, graphic design, social media marketing, photography/videography, sales/marketing, quality control, management, accounting/finance, writing, nursing/medical skills or other skills that would contribute to a small business.

    The team will definitely consider people who don’t necessarily have the particular skills listed above.  These skills would be HELPFUL but not required.  However, a willingness and humility to do whatever needs to be done is required.

  • A humble, teachable spirit and commitment to grow in God’s grace.
  • A love for the gospel and commitment to being continually impacted by its power.

What ministry activities will the intern be involved in?

Our team has a handicraft export business. We work with Muslim artisan men in silver and brass jewelry, gemstones, textiles, wood, and handmade paper. We also work with uneducated Muslim women who have previously had no source of income. Often these women are not allowed to leave their homes for cultural and religious reasons, so we train them and offer them work in textiles and jewelry that they can make in their homes. We give them fair wages in a caring community. We’ve helped them establish their own cottage industries and trained them in management skills. Because we work side by side with these Muslim artisans, we are able to share truth with them regularly and identify which people are interested in going deeper. Our ultimate goal is to see transformed lives and communities.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch today!

One-Year Internship: NYC Immerse

Business or Admin | Engineering | IT
Buddhist | Hindu | Muslim | Other | Tribal-Animist | Unreligious | Catholic

Spend a year in New York City working alongside experienced church planters to gain practical ministry experience, mentoring and an understanding of a Biblical worldview of mission. Gain a firm theological foundation and put it into practice by:

  • evangelising and discipling cross-culturally
  • launching house churches through Discovery Bible Studies
  • learning the DNA of reproducible church planting
  • seeing the power of the gospel among the unreached

Wherever you’re coming from or going to, NYC Immerse will prepare you for ministry in your neighbourhood or a city across the world.

Contact us for more information.


What is NYC Immerse?

Immerse is one year of training believers in church planting and cross-cultural ministry in New York City. The idea behind Immerse is to give you the practical tools to share your faith, disciple people from diverse cultures, and plant churches – all in English while living in America. What you learn here at Immerse can be applied to a future ministry wherever the Lord leads you.

What will I be doing during the year?

You will spend 10 months in New York City working amongst an unreached people group (UPG) community, and working with international students, to engage them with the gospel with the purpose of seeing a reproducible church planting movement. This includes activities such as leading Discovery Bible Studies, meeting with unbelievers, being involved in an existing house church, developing as a team, and participating in seminars.

What is the focus of the training?

The focus of the training is organic, reproducible church planting. Each team will work to begin house churches during their time in NYC. This is a cross cultural ministry church planting training program so church planting will happen with either internationals from various people groups or with Muslim immigrants living in the city. There will be a high focus on evangelism and discipleship.

The three main elements are:

  • Theological: Get grounded in your understanding of Scripture, Redemptive History and Mission
  • Practical: Learn the skills needed for reproducible church planting
  • Character: Be transformed as you reflect on the Gospel for every area of life and ministry

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone who seeks to reach the lost and learn how to start churches (Biblical communities of believers) in any city, town or village.

This training is highly recommended for anyone who wants to do cross-cultural church planting. Many go overseas to do church planting without having an understanding or experience of church planting prior to going. This training will give you the experience and a philosophy of church planting prior to arriving on the field.

When does it start and end?

We recommend that Immerse participants move to New York City by July 15, but the official trainings begin August 1 and end May 31.

How much does it cost?

Expected costs of the program are £1500-1800 per month. This includes housing, meals, local transportation, health insurance, and all ministry expenses for the months spent in New York and abroad. What’s not included is: your transport to New York City, transportation to orientation and debriefs in Florida that bookend your summer trip, personal spending money and souvenirs.

How do I apply?

Start the application process by filling out a Preliminary Information Form.
There will be a phone interview, an application and references to complete the application process.

Can I get academic credit from NYC Immerse?

NYC Immerse will provide courses in hermeneutics, Old Testament, New Testament and Systematic Theology. These courses are not accredited by a college or university degree program, but they count toward Pioneers’ Bible requirements for long term appointments.

Is there an age requirement?

The minimum age for this program is 21 years.

Click here for a video on NYC Immerse!