Be a Community Fundraiser

Can’t go on mission yourself, but still want to be involved?
Why not do something fun, unique, and challenging to raise funds for a Pioneers missionary or project? It’s really easy to get started. Just have a browse below to find everything everything you need to become a Pioneers Community Fundraiser.

community fundraising ideas

There’s almost no end to the activities you can do to raise money! From running a cake stand at the village fete to the challenge of a marathon to the not-for-the-fainthearted baked bean bath, there’s a wacky or wonderful challenge to fit everybody. Your imagination is the limit! Click below for some ideas to get you started.

wonderful community fundraising

Once you know what kind of fundraising activity you want to do, the next task is to make it easy for people to sponsor you. Our partners at Wonderful can help you set up and share your fundraising page.

action challenge

Fancy joining in with other community fundraisers in an inspirational challenge event? Our friends at Action Challenge organise events and adventures both in the UK and around the world. Join up as an individual or grab a group of friends and go on a fundraising adventure!

Featured community fundraisers

We’re always excited to hear from folks who have taken up the challenge of fundraising for Pioneers missionaries and projects. Have a look at some of their stories here…


Other Ways To Volunteer:

Volunteers are at the heart of most charities, and Pioneers is no exception. We are always looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise to help us get more people to the mission field. Think you have nothing to offer? We beg to differ! If you’d like to help out – even if you’re not sure how – get in touch and let us know. 




We were tracking her progress on the NYC Marathon app so we knew where she was, but she had no way of knowing where we were, or when (or if!) she would see us again. When she finally rounded a corner into view, we started shouting her name and waving our arms with glee. She ran to the side, but this time there were tears in her eyes and she dared not stop. “I just need it to be over,” she shouted as she passed us with heavy feet...



Jill has spent a lifetime raising funds for her daughter and other causes close to her heart... "I go to a ‘Senior’ Ladies’ Knitting Group each year with an up-to-date PowerPoint of the family and their work and they ask lots of questions and they too give generously. People sort of ‘take ownership’ of them. The money is always welcome, but the interest and prayers are by far the most important."



At the age of 24 I became a missionary. And boy was I rubbish at it! I never really got the hang of missionary-ing. I made a complete hash of it, so much so that there was serious talk of sending me home before my two-year assignment was over. I had to beg them to let me stay!