Why Short Term Mission?

Sometimes, you’re just not sure you’re ready to commit to long term missions yet. Or maybe you don’t know where you want to serve or what kind of ministry you’re best suited to do. If that sounds familiar, Pioneers may be able to help you find a short term mission role on a long term team. 

As part of our short term programme, you will:

  • Spend up to twelve months serving with and learning from a long term team.
  • Be mentored by long term missionaries.
  • See and experience for yourself what long term missions is like. 
  • Explore how God can use your skills and passions among the unreached. 
short term mission
short term mission process

The Process

Everyone's journey is different, but here is an idea of what the short term mission process usually looks like:

  1. 1. START: Fill out a Start Form
  2. 2. EXPLORE: Get to know one of our mission mentors
  3. 3. APPLY: Submit an application and references
  4. 4. PREPARE: Carry out your personalised training plan
  5. 5. GO: Grow and serve on the field for up to two years
  6. 6. DEBRIEF: Develop a plan for re-entry and next steps

Contact Us!

Our mission mentors are on hand to have a chat no matter where you are in your short term missions journey. Whether you’re just pondering or ready to jump on a plane tomorrow, we’re happy to help you figure out the next steps. Get in touch directly or fill out our Start Form to get started.

short term mission contact
Short terms missions questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of going on short term mission may bring up lots of questions. Have a look at our FAQs for some of the most common ones.


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