Love Language - Nigeria

Love Language - Nigeria

Help Bring Peace to Nigeria


Nigeria is now widely regarded as the most dangerous place in the world.“While groups like Boko Haram may have initiated such violence,” says one Pioneers worker, “Christian groups have often responded negatively, sometimes leading to even more violence and long-term mistrust.”

We can feel very helpless – but there’s something we can do! Based in central Nigeria, the ground-breaking Love Language project trains and equips Christians to engage with their Muslim neighbours in a loving, Christ-like way. Volunteer trainers focus on understanding Islam, healing historical trauma and learning to live out servant-hearted Christianity.

The aim is to deepen relationships between Christians and Muslims, healing historical traumas and sharing the message of peace and hope in Isa al-Masih – Jesus the Anointed One. If funds allow, we hope to support the training of over 1,000 volunteers to bring reconciliation through their life and words.