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Pioneers UK offers two types of summer trip: bespoke trips created for pre-formed teams (church groups, uni friends etc.), and pre-planned trips for people looking for a team to join. Trips are typically 3-8 weeks.


Up To One Year

Our mid-term programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and experience necessary to see what God has next for them. One-year internships are available, as well as shorter, tailor-made terms of service.

Long Term

Over One Year

Long term church planting among the unreached is our speciality. We currently have 3000+ members serving on 324 teams, in 104 countries, working among more than 200 different unreached people groups.

All Opportunities

Explore a selection of our Short Term, Mid-Term and Long Term Opportunities.

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Relationship-based Church Planting in South Asia

Join a newly formed team in South Asia who are planting churches through relationship discipleship.

Called to North Africa? We’ve got a place for you!

Multiple teams in a large North African city are opening their doors to people with several skillsets to help make disciples and plant churches all over the region.

Calling All Plumbers and Architects (and a few others)!

A team in East Africa is in need of your professional skills and knowledge. Plumbers, pipe fitters, construction, administration, curriculum development. Even underwater welding!

Homeschooling Helper Needed in South Asia

Help free up a missionary couple for more effective ministry and language learning, and engage in local ministry yourself!

Summer Trip: Czech Team

You will be teaching English classes and tutoring Czechs. This gives the opportunity to build relationships. Also, most Czechs enjoy exercise and activity. Ministry centering on sports and outdoor activities gives you a chance to connect with unbelievers.

Summer Trip: Foodie Team

This city is a blend of unreached peoples, languages, and beliefs impacting all parts of life. Walk through the biblical principles of disciple making together as a team and with other expats and put them into practice together.

Summer Trip: Waterfall Team

As you build friendships, live with your local host family and trek through the jungle to visit waterfalls and hike volcanoes with new friends, you will be a part of God bringing his Good News to these people through your life and witness.

Summer Trip: White Coffee Team

If you’re interested in engaging unreached people, but don’t know where to start, then this trip is the perfect place for you to get your feet wet.

Summer Trip: Olive Branch Team

Joining our team for the summer, you have the opportunity to invest deeply in the lives of local children, winning over their hearts and their families. Come and let the light of Christ shine in a city that needs witnesses.

Summer Trip: Ghana Team

Ghana is an oasis of peace and prosperity in the midst of chaos in other parts of Africa. Yet, the enemy attempts daily to overturn this.

Summer Trip: Sumbi Team

This trip will give you a wide variety of experiences. You’ll live in a creative access country and see how teams are using both a non-profit organization and also a business to gain access to four unreached people groups.

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