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Pioneers UK offers two types of summer trip: bespoke trips created for pre-formed teams (church groups, uni friends etc.), and pre-planned trips for people looking for a team to join. Trips are typically 3-8 weeks.


Up To One Year

Our mid-term programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and experience necessary to see what God has next for them. One-year internships are available, as well as shorter, tailor-made terms of service.

Long Term

Over One Year

Long term church planting among the unreached is our speciality. We currently have 3000+ members serving on 324 teams, in 104 countries, working among more than 200 different unreached people groups.

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Explore a selection of our Short Term, Mid-Term and Long Term Opportunities.

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Summer Trips: Paris Team

Paris, as iconic as it is dreamy, is a city where 12 million people have converged from all corners of the world. You might think of it more as a holiday destination than a mission field. But it is the epicentre of a country where less than 2% of the population know Jesus personally.

Summer Trip: DC Team

Edgers will be leading the way to forming these familial relationships. They will lead the children in activities during ESL class time, support the team, aid the activity leaders, engage in hospitality events throughout the week and learn to participate in cross-cultural ministry from experienced missionaries.

Summer Trip: Surge Team

In this city people are always about: strolling down the walking streets, having coffee with a friend. Many of the younger people speak English and are eager to talk to native English speakers. We need help meeting these people and finding out about their lives.

Summer Trip: Foodie Team

You will learn the way that Jesus sent out His disciples in Luke 9-10 and Matthew 10 and then go out to practice these things several times a week.

Summer Trip: Jericho Team

Through excursions into remote communities, you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Even more importantly, you will immerse yourself in beautiful cultures to love and serve these people in practical ways.

Summer Trip: Cornerstone Team

Come and work alongside the local team and help fill the need for more English teachers and sports and fitness trainers.  The harvest is abundantly ready, and the workers are few. Would you be willing to help?

Summer Trip: Upstream Team

Mobile app development can be a tool for church planting strategies. Rather than asking you to lay aside your technical skills, we ask you to use your talents to assist in bringing the gospel to unreached people groups.

Summer Trip: Czech Team

Meeting and learning to trust a Christian is a significant step for most Czechs, so a large part of your ministry here will be making connections with people. You will be working in areas where Czechs have needs that you can help meet. 

Summer Trip: Horn Team

Nearly 15 million in population, yet not a single mature church. Christ is the one who brings light and life into dark places. Yet how will they ever know unless someone goes and shares this great news?

Summer Trip: Urban Team

Come be a part of the Urban Team doing life alongside long-term workers in Central Asia. Experience intentional discipleship and mentoring and learn what it’s like to live cross-culturally.

West Africa Trekking Internship

An internship opportunity is available in rural West Africa mentored by cross-cultural workers with 25+ years of experience.

Relationship-based Church Planting in South Asia

Join a newly formed team in South Asia who are planting churches through relationship discipleship.

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